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Mastectomy Bra Fitting

We understand that women who undergo a mastectomy may need garments that cater to their medical needs. We’re trained to help women who are post-op find the perfect measurement, size and form. This may be an overwhelming time for you, but our compassionate staff is here to help and will be there with you every step of the way. Restore your confidence and find the bra you’ve been looking for at our boutique in Peterborough.

Unable to visit our store for a fitting? You can still shop online for a bra using our Mastectomy and Lumpectomy Bra Fitting Tips to guide you. It’s important to remember that bra fitting is really a science.

Mastectomy Bra Fitting Tips 

Regular Bra Fitting

A large majority of women have no idea they’re wearing the wrong size bra. Most likely this is because they just tried on a bra and felt comfortable enough to make the purchase. Breasts, like the rest of your body, fluctuate with weight changes and can alter in size due to hormonal changes, or through weight gain or loss. Whether you take 30AA or 50H, our experienced fitters will show you how a properly fitted bra can improve your posture and your comfort.

Regular Bra Fitting Tips

Wig Fitting

Whether you’re about to undergo chemotherapy or just want a change, we have natural-looking wigs that can help boost your confidence and regain some sense of normalcy in your life. During a fitting, we can narrow down the cut, cap size, composition and colour of a wig or hairpiece that will work best for you.

Wig FAQs

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