At My Left Breast, we know a thing or two about what women look for in a bra: a boost of confidence, the best fit, feel and comfort possible.

Mastectomy Bras

We carry brands of mastectomy bras designed with small pockets that accommodate breast prostheses. Women who have had full or partial mastectomies as part of their cancer treatment often choose to wear breast prostheses rather than undergoing further surgery, and mastectomy bras provide the perfect way to maintain a full figure.

If we don’t have your perfect fit in stock, we have the ability to order in what we need. If you’re not sure about which mastectomy bra is right for your needs, call or email Bridget at the shop to make an appointment. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect mastectomy bra.

Mastectomy bra brands we carry include:

Mastectomy Bras

Regular Bras

Is the bra you’re wearing uncomfortable? Does the band dig in or straps fall down? Have your cups runneth over?

Discover our classy collection of bras in flattering colours and prints designed to be functional, comfortable and beautiful for women of all shapes and sizes.

Regular bra brands we carry include:

My Left Breast - Regular Bras

My Left Breast