Mastectomy FAQs

At what point do women go to My Left Breast? 
Everyone is different, although most women are doers and part of their to-do list prior to surgery is to pay a visit to My Left Breast.

Why would I go prior to surgery? 

The days prior to surgery are filled with unknowns. Women tell us that having someone who has been through the process and can answer their questions lessens some of their anxiety.

You’ll be able to see not only the post-surgery camisole options that you can wear to the hospital, you’ll be able to see what is available for afterwards as well. The post-surgery camisoles are very soft, with soothing vitamin E and aloe-infused fabric which aids in healing and increases comfort. Each camisole comes with cotton pockets which hold a light breast form, and there are two removable pouches for the drainage bulbs which you may have after surgery.

When can I be fitted for a breast form (prosthesis)? 
Usually 4-6 weeks after surgery or when your swelling is down and healing is complete. If you’re unsure, just pop into the shop and we’ll be able to help. To be certain, consult with your healthcare provider. 

I have an appointment for my first fitting. What can I expect?
When you arrive, we’ll discuss the type of surgery you’ve had, your lifestyle and activities to help decide what breast form is best for you. You’ll be measured by one of our certified fitters. We’ll then assist you in trying on breast forms and bras in your size to help you find the perfect fit and style. We carry a selection of different breast forms and bras in many styles and colors. If it’s your first fitting, your appointment should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

 Can I bring someone with me?
Absolutely! Many women bring someone. This is your time and we want it to be an informative and pleasurable visit. You can come alone or bring someone with you; it’s up to you.

What is the government funding, where are the forms, and what do I do? 
The Ontario Ministry of Health’s Breast Prosthesis Grant program covers $195 for a full prosthesis and $105 for a lumpectomy partial prosthesis. We have Assistive Devices Program Breast Prosthesis Grant forms and will help you complete the application. 

Does the government cover the costs of mastectomy bras? 
No, unfortunately mastectomy bras are not covered by government funding. If you have extended benefit insurance, call your insurance carrier to learn what your individual plan covers. 

Please let us know if you don’t have benefits and we’ll ensure you are properly fitted in the most economical bra and prosthesis. Costs not covered by government funding or your extended benefit insurance may qualify as a medical expense for your income taxes. Be sure to retain your receipts for income tax.

My Left Breast also has a donation program that you can ask us about.

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