We have a great selection of pocketed mastectomy swimsuits that are comfortable, secure, with bilateral pockets to hold a swim form.

Our swimsuits are 100% polyester and engineered with the most advanced and durable fabric that won’t fade and is ideal for aqua fit. Necklines aren’t too low or too high, so you can enjoy the sun and water with confidence.

Our swimsuits offer stylish support along with controlled fit to flatter any body type.

Swimsuit brands we carry include:

AquaWave Swim Form

  • Swim prosthesis made from a clear silicone which is water-resistant and dries quickly
  • Versatile new shape gives a great outline in all sizes
  • Lightweight breast form designed for swimming
  • Supplied with a handy waterproof bag
  • A must-have when wearing a bathing suit, with a no-worry, balanced look
  • New fitting option with 2S shape
  • New shape gives a nicely rounded bust, even in larger sizes.

Comes in water-resistant drawstring bag, ideal for carrying the prosthesis and wet swimsuit.

My Left Breast