My Left Breast is a specialty boutique that provides women who are going through their breast cancer journey with a vast collection of post-mastectomy wear and emotional support. Your cancer journey comes with unique struggles and solutions. We would be honoured to be a part of your healing recovery.

The Team

Some of our staff have experienced having had breast cancer or have experienced a family member that has been through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We’re small but mighty, giving women the personal attention they deserve as we work together to help them look and feel their best during their recovery. Our options of post-surgery items are ever changing, and features feminine, comfortable, colourful and modern styles.

We’re honoured to help women in our community gain a sense of control during a time when emotions and stress are at an all-time high, and give them a space where they feel safe and confident.

Bridget Leslie, Owner

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. I was about to turn 44, I had just finished a Master’s Degree and breast cancer certainly wasn’t part of my plan.  After undergoing a mastectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and Herceptin, I kept thinking there must be a better way for women to find everything they need and a place for them to ask all their questions.

I opened My Left Breast in 2008. The wonderfully magical space of My Left Breast allows us to help women find what they need to stand proud and share their experiences with each other to soften their journey. I’m honoured to help women during such a stressful time in their lives. I paddled with Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat team from 2010-2019. Somehow, breast cancer was one of the scariest moments in my life, but strangely enough one of the most rewarding. I feel honoured and proud when I hear the conversations of support and women-to-women wisdom which takes place at My Left Breast. 

Outside of running My Left Breast, I love going on adventures with my best friends, travelling to faraway and near places with my friends and husband, cooking without recipes, watching my two daughters grow into amazing women, and connecting with my family. 

Anna-Rae Leslie

 I am thrilled to be joining my mom at My Left Breast. I have been working as a registered practical nurse since 2013 and am so excited to be able to use my medical knowledge while helping women look and feel their best when going through such a difficult time.

I spend most my days running after two beautiful toddlers who constantly keep me on my toes! I also have a passion for fashion and interior design and have been loving giving the shop a fresh look! You can follow me on Instagram @annaraeleslie.  


Peggy Flanagan Quirion, Social Media & Website Content Specialist

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2013, shortly after moving to the Peterborough area. When I walked into My Left Breast, I was welcomed by the warm and friendly arms of Bridget. It was great relief that Bridget took care of my needs in preparation for what was my second surgery—a mastectomy. 

I decided to retire from my QA software testing career following my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I feel very blessed that Bridget asked me to join her My Left Breast team to assist and help the beautiful people who walk into the store.

I’ve since transitioned in my role and I now primarily work ‘behind’ the scene. I enjoy creating the social media & managing the web site content for My Left Breast.

My breast cancer journey introduced me to dragon boating. I paddled with a breast cancer team, Survivors Abreast, from 2014 – 2019. My passion grew on the water from paddling to steering a dragon boat.  Since 2021, the Pink Crusaders breast cancer & supporters dragon boat team has been instrumental in giving me the support and the opportunity to expand my steering abilities. In 2023, I was welcomed to also join and steer The Dragon Flies Breast Cancer Survivor dragon boat team from Lindsay ON! 

I’m a proud mother of four beautiful grown adults and a very happy grandma! I enjoy going on adventures with my husband, keeping active with yoga, swimming, bike riding and steering a dragon boat.

Retirement Announcement

Marlene Jenkins

Although, Marlene has now retired we can still hear her wonderful laugh at My Left Breast, we were so fortunate to have had her loving energy at My Left Breast.  She still visits when she is able and keeps spreading the word about My Left Breast and sharing her expertise. Marlene had the unique ability to put everyone at ease, caregivers and customers. I so appreciate her gifts of humour and caring which she shared and continues to share with the world. 

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2007. I found a perfect shop to help me with what I needed. After a few visits, I began to work at My Left Breast. I loved helping women who came into the shop. When I wasn’t working, I loved working out at my son’s gym, Resurgence Health and Fitness, in Port Hope. You can still find me in a dragon boat. I have paddled for 20 years both competitively and on breast cancer survivor teams. I have four grown children and nine beautiful grandchildren. I love sewing and I’m a very good shopper! I love to laugh and have fun. “

My Left Breast