My Left Breast turns 10: Bridget reflects on the past decade

Bridget Leslie, owner of My Left Breast

It’s incredible to think that My Left Breast turned 10-years-old this past September—and what a journey it’s been. 

When I first heard the words, “you have breast cancer”, I would have never in a million years have thought I would be standing in a shop a decade later surrounded by women helping other women. 

I was 44 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it certainly wasn’t part of my life plan.

I was in complete and total shock.

As I moved through my surgery and treatments, I was confused by how challenging it was to find post-mastectomy products I needed for my recovery. I was so engrossed in my treatments, I certainly didn’t have much energy to put into the search for helpful products.

It was during that time, my friend took me for a prosthesis fitting. I remember as we walked out of the fitting, she said, “Bridget, you could do this and do a great job!”

In that moment, those were the words that sparked the creation of My Left Breast. The rest is history, as they say.

My vision was to create a caring environment— a place where women could feel comfortable and be themselves; where they could shop effortlessly for everything they needed from beautiful bras, lingerie, wigs, hats, prosthesis to compression sleeves.

I wanted My Left Breast to be like entering a warm, safe hug filled with peer support and resources to help make these women’s lives a little easier as they navigated their “new normal.” 

The wonderful words of my customers always bring me back to my goal.

As one lady was leaving the boutique one day, she paused at the door and said, “I always feel comfortable and supported coming in to the shop.”

I told her that this is what my plan was ten years ago, and her response was, “You did it!” 

I can’t believe how lucky am I to work with women everyday who are bravely facing a life-threatening disease. Somehow, we become a small bow in the road of their journey.

I want to thank our customers for allowing us to have that glimpse into their lives at such a vulnerable time. 

Our staff at My Left Breast know firsthand what you are going through, having been through recovery ourselves. Our door is always open. So, drop on in to see us and draw on our expertise and emotional support as you heal from breast cancer surgery and treatments; we’re here to guide, inspire and empower you.


My Left Breast